I'm very excited about the release of this CD with my trio colleague Jonian Ilias Kadesha. He chose amazing pieces for his debut CD - all united by the influence of folk music. If you don't yet know Enescu's 3rd sonata you must hear it - for me it's without question one of the greatest violin sonatas of the 20th century. 
Nikos Skalkottas is a composer I was completely unfamiliar with, but he's a fascinating figure. He studied with Schoenberg in Berlin and then returned to his native Greece where he was unfortunately never recognised and he died in relative poverty and obscurity. The two Suites we recorded here are full of energy and grittiness, despite their brevity, they pack quite a punch!
And to complete the CD we play Ravel's wonderful Sonata (which was in fact premiered by Enescu) and Tzigane